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Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre

Department of Clinical Neurosciences

This page is for WBIC staff, or prospective or current research users of the WBIC facilities.


If you need to apply for a WBIC account, either click here, or if you need help with your IT needs please email Note that you no longer need a WBIC account to access the data generated in the WBIC (please see the HPHI pages). You only need a WBIC account if you are based in an office where the computer desktops are managed by WBIC IT staff. To access your WBIC Email, click here.


For other information about the WBIC, including details of the facilities or access to the data generated by the WBIC scanners, please click here

Applying to scan in the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre

Are you interested in scanning at the WBIC?  There are a number of approvals that you need to complete before you can start, and the relevant paperwork needs to be received and noted as appropriate and complete by the WBIC Research Advisory Committee (WRAC). Fortunately, many steps can be completed concurrently, and - if in any doubt - please contact the committee for guidance so that unncecessary delays can be avoided.

  • WRAC Application - All study proposals need to be submitted to the WBIC Research advisory committee which meets monthly. Send electonic versions of all relevant forms to Linda Morgan. When submitting hard copies please address to: WRAC.   Please complete the WRAC form as completely as possible. On this form you can also find the persons to contact for more information or advice on protocols.  WRAC ToR can be accessed here.
  • WBIC MRI User Agreement - The user agreement sets out the terms of the relationship between the researchers and the WBIC.  All researchers requesting MRI are required to sign the agreement and return together with the WRAC application form.
  • University of Cambridge Sponsorship Confirmation – Please contact Carolyn Read, Research Governance Officer, School of Clinical Medicine, email: , phone 01223 769291.
  • NRES/IRAS - Ethics application forms and information.  This site is very complete and will give you time lines for submissions.
  • LREC - Local Reseach Ethics Committee Information on submissions and meeting dates.
  • Research and Development - Any protocol which will scan NHS patients must submit an application to the Cambridge University NHS Foundation Trust, Addenbrooke's Hospital Research and Development Department. For more details please contact Louise Stockley, CUHNHSFT Research Governance, email:, phone: 01223 348491.
  • MHRA-PET Expert Panel - An expert panel on regulatory affairs to help researchers deal with the UK regulatory framework for medicines, specifically as applied to Positron Emission Tomography (PET) research.
  • WBIC Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) -  Work involving radioactive materials requires prior approval by the RPS for that work area; for more information please contact the relevant RPS:  or n (PET/MR),  (RPU), (LMI) or (MICL).
  • ARSAC - Link to application.
  • Insurance - Non-negligent harm insurance must be obtained through the Cambridge University insurance department.
  • Computing - Once your application has been approved you can obtain access to your data by filling out the computing application form here.
  • WBIC WIKI - For help in filling out the NRES application.  To prevent the need of amendments after submission to the LREC please see the examples of responses that incorporate WBIC policies and local rules.  To access  you must obtain a guest Raven account if you don't already have one.