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chennu phd outline

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<h3>Srivas Chennu - PhD Outline</h3>
<p>My doctoral research focused on the computational modelling of the cognitive processes involved in human visual attention and conscious perception. Specifically, I investigated models visual attention, to better characterize its temporal dynamics and its interaction with feature binding and working memory. The questions that I explored in this regard related to the structure of this system at the level of cognitive function, its temporal limits, and the consequent effect of these limits on our ability to store and later retrieve ephemeral stimuli. My work on these models was informed by empirical knowledge of temporal attention and the attentional blink phenomenon. In turn, I used the models I developed to simulate and predict new patterns of behaviour and EEG. Back in the laboratory, I adapted and employed empirical paradigms from cognitive psychology to test these predictions, completing the cycle of modelling and experimentation.</p>