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Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre

Department of Clinical Neurosciences

BBC Cambridgeshire Big Breakfast - Featuring WBIC's 3D printing services - Follow the Link to the PodCast


WBIC has been offering 3D printing services to the NHS for nearly two years now. In a collaboration with the Maxillofacial Laboratory, Dr Marius Mada transformed CT images of patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries or facial bone tumours into plastic replicas using Computer Aided Design software and a commercial 3D printer. The models are helping the surgeons in the theatre or the technicians when they construct the cranioplasty plates.

We intend to extend this collaboration further and have more patients benefitting from this technology.

Our collaboration got the attention of the media and Dr Marius Mada and Mr Malcom Cameron from Addenbrooke's had a live intervention on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on the 12th of June. 

(starts at 1:20:00 mins in)