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Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre

Department of Clinical Neurosciences


The WBIC Management Committee approved the following SOP on 7T Scaner Operators. To be trained, please contact Dr Chris Rodgers and Mrs Vicky Lupson. You will then need to follow the procedure outlined in our SOP.

Approved 7T Scan Operators (phantom + human)

Belinda Ding

Carina Graf

Jabrane Karkouri

Krzysztof Klodowski

Vicky Lupson

Hannah Rhatigan

Chris Rodgers

Catarina Rua

Saba Shirvani

Karen Welsh

Guy Williams

Minghao (Tiger) Zhang

Trainee 7T scan operators

Ye Yuan

Cambridge 7T Information

Please click here to view the Cambridge 7T Information page (Raven account required)