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Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre

Department of Clinical Neurosciences

For positron emission tomography studies at the WBIC and other nearby PET centres, a range of PET radiopharmaceuticals labelled with short-lived radionuclides, such as Carbon-11 (t1/2 = 20 min) and Fluorine-18 (t1/2 = 110 min) are produced at the WBIC Radiopharmaceutical Unit.



  1. Radiotracers
  2. The Laboratory
  3. Laboratory Equipment
  4. Cyclotron


1. Radiotracers (back to top)

Radiotracer Module used for preparation
[18F]AV-1451 Synthra RNPlus
[18F]CETO Synthra RNPlus
[18F]FLT GE FastLab2
[18F]FMISO GE FastLab2
[18F]GE-226 GE FastLab2
[18F]FET GE Fastlab2
[11C]-L-Leucine GE Processing cabinet and Synthra MeIPlus
[11C]-L-Methionine Synthra MeIPlus
[11C]MTO GE TRACERlab FX-C module
[11C]PIB GE TRACERlab FX-C module
[11C]PK11195 GE TRACERlab FX-C module
[11C]UCB-J Synthra MeIPlus


2. The Laboratory (back to top)

The Radiochemistry Laboratories consisting of the 2 GMP manufacturing laboratories are designated as Radiation Controlled Areas. The Quality Control laboratory (QC lab) is designated as a Supervised Area only when work with radiopharmaceuticals (testing) is in progress. When this work has been completed the QC laboratory may be de-designated.

The Lab 2 contains the GMP Laboratory, served by the Changing Room and the Lobby. In the GMP Laboratory there are 6 lead shielded hotcells in 3 stacked pairs and 2 lead shielded dispensing isolators.

Figure 1 & 2: Hotcells and Dispensing Isolators in Lab 2


The Lab 1 contains the Research Laboratory served by the Changing Room. in the Research Laboratory there are 3 lead shielded hotcells, 4 lead shielded minicells and 1 lead shielded dispensing cell.

Figure 3: Dispensing cell and 4 minicells in Lab 1


Figure 4: Hotcells in Lab 1


The lead shielded hotcells provide a shielded environment for the synthesis of radionuclides into the desired radiopharmaceutical. The dispensing cells allow for the manipulation of radiopharmaceuticals whilst protecting against body exposure and contamination.


3. Lab Equipment (back to top)

GE MeI Microlab: Automated module for the radiosynthesis of the radiolabelling precursor [11C]iodomethane.


GE TRACERlab FX-C: Computer controlled automated system for preparation of 11C-labelled radiopharmaceuticals


Synthra MeIPlus: Computer controlled automated system for preparation of 11C-labelled radiopharmaceuticals


Synthra RNPlus: Computer controlled automated system for preparation of 18F-labelled radiopharmaceuticals


Eckert&Ziegler Modular Lab: Computer controlled automated system for preparation of a wide variety of radiopharmaceuticals


COMECER CLIO Dispenser Computer controlled semi-automated system for aseptically dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals.


COMECER VPHP generator: designed to decontaminate isolators with hydrogen peroxide solution in a dry vapour state. The unit is serving the two dispensing cells in Lab 2.


Three Thermo Fisher Ultimate 3000 HPLC Systems -- Consisting of pumps (one isocratic and two gradient), HPLC column selectors and variable wavelength detectors in series with radioactivity detectors. The latest installed HPLC is also equipped with autosampler and column oven. All HPLC Systems are controlled by Chromeleon® CDS and used for the radiochemical analysis of carbon-11 and fluorine-18 radiopharmaceuticals.

Thermo Fisher Focus GC -- Gas chromatography system consisting of an auto sampler and Flame Ionisation Detector used for residue solvent analysis.

Endosafe® nexgen-PTS™-- Used for endotoxin test of radiopharmaceuticals.

SevenExcellence pH/ORP/Ion Conductivity Meter-- Used for pH measurement of radiopharmaceuticals.

Veenstra VDC-505 Dose Calibrator—Used for radioactivity measurement.


4. Cyclotron (back to top)

GE PETtrace 800: a 16MeV proton, and 8MeV deuteron accelerating machine for production of the 18-F, 11-C, 15-O and 64-Cu positron emitting nuclides.

The PETtrace 800 is used with two Nb27 self-shielded and two C-11 low pressure targets.


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