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Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre

Department of Clinical Neurosciences

The GE Signa PET/MR scanner combines the latest 3T technology with a SiPM based PET scanner, capable of time of flight reconstruction. The scanner allows simultaneous imaging, reducing the time spent in the scanner. 

It has been partially funded as part of the Dementia Platform UK (DPUK) network of PET/MR scanners.

The scanner has a 60cm bore, with 44 mT/m gradients (200 T/m/s rise time), and is running the MP24_R02 software version.

The following coils are available on the scanner:

  • Nova 32 Channel Head coil
  • Neocoil 1H 16 channel GEM Flex Large Array
  • Neocoil 1H 16 channel GEM Flex Medium Array
  • Neocoil 1H 16 channel GEM Flex Small Array
  • Everest Central Molecular Imaging Array (CMA)
  • Everest Head Neck Unit
  • Everest Lower and Upper Anterior Array
  • Invivo 1H 8 channel High Res Brain Array
  • Rapid 13C Breast coil (MR750)
  • Rapid 31P/1H Surface coil (PET/MR)
  • Rapid 13C/1H Surface Coil (PET/MR)
  • Rapid 23Na/1H Head coil (MR 750)
  • Rapid 31P/1H Head coil (PET/MR)
  • Rapid 13C/1H Head Coil (MR750)
  • Rapid 13C/1H Head Coil (PET/MR)
  • Rapid 1H 16 channel breast array
  • Rapid 1H 6 channel carotid array