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Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre

Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Schedule for the bi-weekly 7T MRI methods meetings in Cambridge.

We meet at 10am every other Thursday. The venue alternates between the MRC CBU on Chaucer Road, and the Craik Marshall Building in the Downing Site. For further information, please contact Catarina Rua (), Marta Correia () or Elisa Zamboni ().


Schedule of upcoming meetings


2nd April 2020 - TBC

Location: CBU, Cambridge


Past meetings

12th Mar 2020: Ke Jia (Dept of Psychology, Cambridge)

"Recurrent plasticity mechanisms for perceptual decisions in the human brain"


20th Feb 2020: Marta Correia (CBU, Cambridge)

"Prospective motion correction with moiré phase tracking (MPT)"


16th Jan 2020: Eberhard Pracht (DZNE, Bonn)

"Structural Imaging at 7T: UHF Optimized T1w and T2w imaging"


30th Jan 2020: Huihui Ye (WBIC)

"Introduction to gSLIDER"


12th Dec 2019: Alice Hickling (Department of Psychology)

“Investigating the laminar profile of predictive signalling in the primary visual cortex: analysis update”


Thu 28 Nov 2019: Catarina Rua (Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre)

“Fast T1 mapping of the brain with a multi-inversion EPI sequence"


Thu 14 Nov 2019: Josh Kaggie (Cambridge Radiology Dept)

“Fast Quantitative MR Imaging fo the Brain with Fingerprinting”


Thu 25 Jul 2019: Alice Hickling (Dept Psychiatry)

“Investigating the lamina profile of predictive signalling in the primary visual cortex: preprocessing and lamina analysis of 7T fMRI”


Thu 27 Jun 2019: Elisa Zamboni; Catarina Rua

Discussion: Abstracts presented at OHBM 2019 

- "Exploring the relationship between quantitative 7T MRI, cytoarchitectonics and gene expression"
- "Depth dependent attentional modulations observed with high temporal resolution BOLD fMRI at 7T"
- "Denoising Ultra-High Field Multi-Dimensional MRI with Local Complex PCA"
- "Segmentation of cerebral cortical microvasculature using an enhanced multi-scale Frangi approach"
- "Laminar signal change of BOLD and VASO in human visual cortex at 7T"
- "Comparing VASO and BOLD responses elicited by different hand movement rates at 7T"
- "Layer specific activation of sensory input and predictive feedback in the human primary somatosensory cortex."


Thu 30 May 2019: Elisa Zamboni; Catarina Rua

Discussion: Abstracts presented at ISMRM 2019 

- "Measuring layer-dependent fMRI activity across layers in cognitive brain areas: challenges and capabilities"
- "De-noising high-resolution fMRI data using cortical depth-dependent analysis"


Thu 2 May 2019: Kaveh Vaedipour (ArangoDB, Germany)

“Time-reversal and the small tip angle approximation”


Thu 11 April 2019: Elisa Zamboni (Dept of Psychology, Cambridge)

“12 slices to SPIN through: gradient and spin echo imaging (GRASE) at 7T”


Thu 14 March 2019: Ke Jia (Dept of Psychology, Cambridge)

Ultra-high field imaging of perceptual learning in the human visual cortex


Thu 14 Feb 2019: Rosa Sanches-Panchuelo (University of Nottingham)

Title: TBC


Thu 14 Nov 2018: Heidrun Schultz (University of Birmingham)

“Pilot results on laminar processing of object/scene memory in the entorhinal cortex”


Thu 8 Nov 2018: Christopher Mirfin (University of Nottingham)

“Computational Approaches for parallel transmission MRI”


Thu 25 Oct 2018: Ayan Sengupta (Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre, Cambridge)

“A Probabilistic Atlas of Digit Somatotopy in the Human Primary Somatosensory Cortex”


Thu 11 Oct 2018: 

Discussion on:

- fMRI paradigms
- best practice pipelines for analysing 7T fMRI (preprocessing)
- accelerated MB reconstruction


Thu 27 Sept 2018: Chun Meng (Dept of Psychiatry, Drug Addiction Group, Cambridge)

“Preliminary results on 7T DTI”


Thu 13 Sept 2018: Elisa Zamboni (Dept of Psycology, Cambridge)

"Recap on preprocessing of laminar fMRI data and some preliminary results on trying to clean up signal from vasculature bias"


Wed 18 Jul 2018: Arsene Ella (CBU, Cambridge)

"Laminar structural imaging in vivo on the 7T: application in the somatosensory cortex"


Wed 24 Apr 2018: Elisa Zamboni; Catarina Rua

Journal Club:

- Polimeni, et al. 2018. "Analysis Strategies for high-resolution UHF-fMRI data"

- Renval et al. 2016. "Automatic cortical surface reconstruction of high-resolution T1 echo planar imaging data"


Wed 11 Apr 2018: Ke Jia (Dept of Psychology, Cambridge)

Title: TBC


Wed 28 Feb 2018: Huang Pei (CBU, Cambridge)

Title: TBC


Wed 14 Feb 2018: Nuno Gonçalves (Dept Psychology, Cambridge)

Title: "Laminar Imaging during stereopsis"