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Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre

Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Research in the MICL is primarily concerned with the synthesis of radiotracers for pre-clinical imaging as well as several projects focused on the development of novel radiotracers and new radio-chemical methodology. In order to conduct this research we have a range of integrated on-site facilities based in the West Forvie building on the Addenbrooke's Hospital site.


Synthetic Chemistry Laboratory



Our synthetic chemistry has eight 1.5 fumehoods, allowing every member of the MICL to have their own research space. The lab is also equipped with an API Mass Spectrometer a Gilson automated column system and a 300 MHz NMR machine fitted with a multi-nuclear probe allowing analysis of compounds by 1H, 13C and 19F NMR.



Radiochemistry Laboratory


Radiochemistry is fundamental to the MICL, our radiochemical facilities include 3 hot cells equipped with a Tracerlab FxFn, an Advion Minute Man micro fluidic system, and a GE FASTlab, we also have a fourth hot cell for manual radiochemical reactions. For reaction analysis we have 3 HPLC machines.


Radio Pharmacology Laboratory

Many projects in the MICL involve analysis of radiotracers in-vitro and in-vivo. The radio-pharmacology laboratory allows us to conduct simple binding assays, autoradiogrphy and metabolite analysis on-site. We also have access to the WBIC microPET which allows us to do our own pre-clinical imaging.