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Research staff

Emily Fisher                             Dr Lindsay McMurray         Dr Martin Fisher  

Dr Selena Milicevic Sephton      Dr Dave Williamson           Dr Steven Kealey

Dr Ole Tietz

Technical and shared GMP Staff

Emily Fisher       Dr Istvan Boros     Dr Roberto Canales Candela


Former Members

Dr Patrick Riis      Dr Chun Joong       Dr Lei Li

Dr Mitja Kovac     Dr Laurent Brichard

Key Collaborations 

Many of the projects we undertake in the MICL involve collaboration with other research groups. Several of our collaborators are also based in Cambridge, but also further afield at other UK universities and in the US.  


Jean-Claude Baron             Jonathan Coles              Jeff Dalley

Anthony Davenport            Tim Fryer                        David Menon

John O'Brien                       John Pickard                   Trevor Robbins

James Rowe                       Angella Roberts              Gergely Toth


Matthias Koepp



Vic Pike

WBIC Applications

Please click on the following buttons to view information on how to apply for scanning at the WBIC:




To find the next submission deadline for WBIC applications, please refer to the 'upcoming events' section below.

Upcoming events

WBIC Safety Course

Feb 10, 2020

Seminar Room at the Herchel Smith Building

Previous events

Upcoming events