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Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre

Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Studying at Cambridge


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Abnormal Brain Structure Implicated in Stimulant Drug Addiction

Feb 03, 2012
Abnormalities in the brain may make some people more likely to become drug addicts is the conclusion of a major study conducted at the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre.


Site News

BBC News - Brain scan study to understand workings of teenage mind

May 15, 2013
Featuring MRI imaging at the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre - Researchers in Cambridge have begun a study to understand the teenage brain. Follow the link to the BBC News Website:

Recent publication in collaboration with the CIDDRG.

Jan 09, 2014
Defective mitochondrial function in vivo in skeletal muscle in adults with Down’s syndrome.

3D Printing Capabilities at WBIC

Feb 23, 2012

MHRA-PET Expert Panel

Jan 27, 2012

New high resolution NMR instrument installed in the Molecular Imaging Chemistry Laboratory (MICL)!

Nov 01, 2012
Author - Dr R E Canales Candela

WBIC Website

Jan 13, 2012

NIMROD study "The drive for dementia diagnosis"

Oct 11, 2013
An important new study at CPFT led by Consultant Psychiatrist Prof John O’Brien and Consultant Neurologist Dr James Rowe is looking into the possible role of the immune system in dementia and related memory disorders.

Panorama:The Mind Reader - Unlocking My Voice

Nov 12, 2012
Featuring MRI imaging at the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre - scheduled for broadcast on BBC ONE-Tuesday November 13th at 10:35pm Author - Vicky Lupson

Powerful new means of accessing PET radiotracers for brain imaging

Feb 10, 2012

Upgrade to Simultaneous PET/MR Scanner

Oct 15, 2012
Author - Dr R Hawkes

WBIC Christmas Newsletter 2016

Dec 19, 2016

Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre/CBSU 7T Study Day

Jan 20, 2014