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Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre

Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Group Leader  

Professor Franklin Aigbirhio

Research staff

Dr Lindsay McMurray                Dr Martin Fisher  

Dr Selena Milicevic Sephton      Dr Dave Williamson                Dr Steven Kealey

Dr Ole Tietz  Dr Istvan Boros     Dr Roberto Canales Candela


Former Members

Dr Patrick Riis      Dr Chun Joong         Dr Lei Li

Dr Mitja Kovac     Dr Laurent Brichard

Emily Fisher

Key Collaborations 

Many of the projects we undertake in the MICL involve collaboration with other research groups. Several of our collaborators are also based in Cambridge, but also further afield at other UK universities and in the US.  


Jonathan Coles                   Jeff Dalley                    Maria Spillantini  

Tim Fryer                           David Menon                Chris Hunter   

John O'Brien                      John Pickard                  Trevor Robbins

James Rowe                      Angella Roberts              Gergely Toth

Robin Franklin                    David Klenerman           Sergio Bacallado

Gionvanna Mallucci             Adrian Carpenter           John Aston

Michel Goedert                   Steve Sawiak                 Mark Gurnell

Fiona Gilbert                       Kevin Brindle                Peter St George-Hyslop      

Ferdia Gallagher                               


Matthias Koepp                   Eric Aboagye                Mike Carroll

Sofia Pascu                         Paul Matthews



Vic Pike                              Gunnar Antoni              Per Hellmann

Anders Sundin                    Patrick Riss                   Norbert Zika